Wrecker Service Albuquerque-Fundamentals Explained

When you often encounter car breakdowns, mechanical troubles and your exhaust system emits smog; these are signs that your vehicle has reached its end of life service. When rendered unusable it occupies space in your backyard; through time it serves as junk and an eyesore. It serves as a habitat for pests, rodents, germs and bacteria that spreads through your surroundings. It is time to get rid of this junk and the best way to do this is by availing the services of a car wrecking company. You can get cash from this and do your part in reducing the impact to the environment. Car wreckers have a significant role in ensuring that junk vehicles are disposed of appropriately. The process of car wrecking involves the disassembling of the vehicle, reusing auto parts that are still of good quality, and disposing of other parts that are not usable. The whole process is done in the wreckage yard. This avoids wastage of working resources and auto parts of the broken vehicle. Hazardous materials are disposed of properly, metal parts are separated from plastic and are sold to recyclers. There are steps that must be considered to be done proficiently by a responsible car wrecker.


All liquids are extracted from the automobile to avoid leaks when the vehicle is being wrecked. Substances like gas, coolant, and oil are placed in containers for proper disposal or recycling. Gas tanks, tires and battery are extracted and are also recycled or resold. Metal, plastic and spare parts are separated. Metal parts are placed on top of others that were dismantled, these are then crushed. Plastic products are placed together with those that were previously displaced. Reusable items are stocked, inventoried and resold as used items. Spare parts like side mirrors, bumpers, front and rear lights, doors, seats, parts of the exhaust system and anything that is still in good condition. If the yard has a specific item that is required by a customer, they ask them to leave a deposit and to pick it up at a later date. Once vehicles have no more usable parts, the hulks are then crushed using a mobile baling press. Shredder or flattener, with final disposal using a hammer which smashes the vehicle remains into fist size.


Steel and plastic recyclers buy the items in bulk and use them in the manufacture of other items. Some vehicles can be rebuild and sold as used cars. Others can be converted into  antique cars that are very popular among collectors.